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A walk to remember

“Any abstract concept without any context is as imaginary as building a castle in the air”, she said. Her eyes searched for some form of acceptance from him. She muttered looking sideways, ”Won’t you agree?” The room was filled with silence. The waves of smoke from the cigarette was making its way towards the window. … Continue reading “A walk to remember”

The Journey…

I had almost trekked for 6 hours on an uncharted path by now. And it reached to a meadow after a climb of some steep and some not so steep slopes. I was quite exhausted by now. I could see a big tree, the only standing tree by the end of it. I thought I’d … Continue reading “The Journey…”

Love and Pain.

Often we stand at crossroads, feeling dejected reflecting upon the mismatch between our expectations and what life has in store for us. But it is in these moments of extreme privacy, it becomes rather more important to sit back and reflect upon these as a result of one of the universal laws of nature. Love … Continue reading “Love and Pain.”

Rabindranath Tagore.

“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, the tears shall prevent you from seeing the stars.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore


Dichotomy : the nagging struggle with despair. The incessant need of our personality to be intentional towards ‘the others’ ; infinite series of reflections and counter reflections utterly confusing things for some while creating beautiful patterns for others. At last the only abode that remains true or at least can remain true to our authentic … Continue reading “Dichotomy!”

The Departing…

Seeing his helpless aunt and hearing the pitch of her cry gave in for the violent waves of emotions to engulf his face. Scratching his head in no less mannerism of a mad man he directed her towards the room where the dead body of his father was lying still and cold; surrounded by the … Continue reading “The Departing…”

The ship of Theseus

What would you deduce of your life if it has come to this point where you take a leave from office for no particular reason at all or maybe because you had grown used to the paid holidays during lockdown period, only to find yourself attending office in your dream during the daytime nap that … Continue reading “The ship of Theseus”

Schrodinger’s Cat

Areté : (Greek), the act of living up to one’s full potential. You know looking at my past, what haunts me the most? It’s simply the foregoing of the possibilities of what I could have become. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m neither judging my current state nor carry this notion that the world and … Continue reading “Schrodinger’s Cat”


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