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A walk to remember

Acrylic on Canvas by Abhisek Pattnaik

“Any abstract concept without any context is as imaginary as building a castle in the air”, she said. Her eyes searched for some form of acceptance from him. She muttered looking sideways, ”Won’t you agree?”

The room was filled with silence. The waves of smoke from the cigarette was making its way towards the window. ”It’s not even evening”, he thought.

Maybe it is the aura of unfamiliarity or the scope of something that goes beyond the day to day measures of life but, we do carry the fascination for the unknown. Guess the kick we receive when we gossip about something or someone, though rudimentary is not useless after all thanks to the fantasy glued to it.

Love for that matter though is an abstract concept, manages to give us a glimpse of its existence. Be it with or without it, it manages to heighten our experiences associated with it. We feel or live the process of falling in love; the act of trading our freewill in parcels to accept that individual or thing as the sole purpose of our existence. And then the inevitable happens and that balance is disturbed. Oh we do feel the pain of separation in an equally heightened state.

“Oh! Can’t you see! It’s all a play. All predetermined. Only a prelude to make one understand…”
“Understand what!” he interjects.


The female mantis eats the head of the male mantis after they mate. Imagine one to be in love with her male counterpart. She doesn’t have any free will. She can’t help any…Free will is a myth.
“Such a cruel act”, he said.
“Such generosity…”, she whispered.

Walking into the meadows of the wilderness, diving into my own depths, dipped in my own desires…


Author: buddingb

A humanist, Non-conformist who likes to see the world as half full. A seeker who is yet find all his answers.

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